Here is a screen shot of multi monitor “simulation” mode

At the moment multi monitor is only available when in fullscreen mode, however I ought to allow it in windowed mode as this is what I use to simulate multiple monitors when my laptop isn’t plugged into my television.

I have now written code that allows the user to run multiple commands in one go, splitting them with the separators ; and &&

Also as a note to myself here – I need to change all command options to use a hyphen – instead of an underscore _ in place of spaces  because it is easier to type command options quicker like that as the fingers revert more easily to repeat the hyphen, just like they use for real Linux commands.

At some point I also intend to prevent the player from getting gui windows lost in the ether between monitors / windows, god forbid.. such a tragedy should never occur.

“cli_shell” also to be renamed to “cli”

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