June 18th

It’s 2:21 in the morning, I’ve had spent some of yesterday re-factoring code and contemplating the path of my computer game and what I’m trying to achieve. I realise that unlike a business the aim here is simply to make a one hit wonder, profit from it, then to pursue a journey of travelling as well as bettering my health and life in general.

The computer game genre has already been well defined by Introversion, the game Uplink is widely appreciated for it’s achievement of being just that, a game and well.. Uplink.

The aim for DQOI is to do the same, be a game and an immersive one at that, which one can get lost in a little. I feel that I have determined how to merge what is real and what is a video game, to bring the game within a game to life.

For now it’s late, and I’m going to sit here meditating for a while, focusing on my breathing to merge the concious and subconscious as even though I have recently been attempting to encourage interest in this project, there isn’t a great deal that is finished and going to attract the interest I seek.

Eventually I hope that completed progress will seduce interest along with a continuation of this mirage of reality that Introversion constructed and took from bedroom to international light, another reason why I’m happy that I’ve succeeded in making this a multi-lingual hacksim/rpg game engine.

I’ve also read some great books relating to computer hacking, both fact and fiction, and with the way Uplink kinda incorporated the telephone system I feel it would be great to pickup where it left of, as war diallers are a must. So here’s a little glimpse of where I’m taking this next:


Additional note: Would you like to sponsor my project early? I’d be willing to consider based on us having a discussion and there being a considerable contribution towards my efforts. I’d be happy to show you and your logo as a sponsor somewhere within the game/website should the terms and your business be suitable. It’s also possible to get involved in the projects development.

The time is now 22:02 and I’ve spent the day reading into different types of cast in c++, I’ve read of dangling pointers for the first time, and whilst cleaning up code I realised that inherited class deconstructors weren’t being called upon their object being deallocated because they weren’t virtual in the base classes.

I’ve also got hierarchical processes being disposed of correctly and therefore when terminated they no longer appear in the task manager program or memory. An example of this is when I open a terminal, run a console program that runs another console program and so on, when I close the terminal window all those new processes begun will terminate themselves in reverse order. It should be possible for them to be deallocated in the correct order (newest > oldest) yet for now this works fine and I see no problem with it.

More re-factoring and code tidying to come.

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