June 19th

dqoi_x86_debug 2017-06-19 05-35-16-35 from d834f934h9f on Vimeo.

I’ve gotten around to adding basic features that are a must!

Trace tracker

Phreaking boxes


  • Black box (Allows the calling party to not be billed for the call placed)
  • Aqua box (Drain the voltage of the FBI lock-in-trace/trap-trace)
  • Blue box (Tone generator, emitted 2600Hz tone to disconnect a long-distance call while retaining control of a trunk, then generated multi-frequency tones to make another toll call which was not detected properly by billing equipment)

Gold box’s seem cool, but I don’t want to go OTT so that’s it for phreak boxes now as I need to work on them some more and make improvements in both appearance and functionality.

My mockup of an aqua box, ingredients taken from


The next step is to make some changes to make them look more realistic

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