Ever since the computer game Uplink was released in 2001 I have wanted to make a successor! For many years I have observed the creation of similar games and internet culture, endlessly I’ve imagined how I would like my take on a hacking simulation, to be. So far this project is the lone adventure of one bedroom programmer.

The plan is to make it single player, support Windows and Linux, multiple monitors, multiple languages and I hope to make it free for download, costing nothing to play, with the source code released for others to expand on it. I would however like to make a little bit of money, either through donations or if that doesn’t generate much when the real features start being added I may try to build hype and then charge for pre-orders until a certain amount has been raised. The reason for doing that would be because have little money and therefore am restricted by what I can do for myself and others, and whilst this is a labor of love myself and others, I must try to make something from it.

I’d love to hear about features that you’d Really like to see from this game in the comments section below, similar to how people used to fantasize about new features in the uplink forum, such as a scripting language, and more tools and any features that haven’t been seen in previous games of the same genre.


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