Would you be interested in contributing?

You could submit a colour scheme for the GUI else create a graphical skin, otherwise this project will benefit from music or sound effects, even coders can get involved to modify the game or add features such as mini games or programs.

Should you really want to support this project and make it happen, I’m willing to modify the code to implement your design!

Additionally, there will be translations to other languages that may need correcting, or adding and it would be nice to have an IRC channel to use to discuss the project, as I have also previously gotten an IRC client library to work on a separate thread that I can include to have an IRC client within the game, should anybody be able to host and maintain this for me. Otherwise I might just setup a slack group or forum and go from there.

I’m working on a language parser so that you can write your own code to make stuff!

2 thoughts on “Contribute”

  1. Hey man, just came across this via Uplink forums. Game is looking good so far, a nice concept. Wouldn’t mind getting involved in some way, also i can host the IRC server: (SSL Only on +6697) my alias is Ice_Dragon.


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