September 19th – Snap shot Monday



September 12th – Quick update

Good news! I’m back on track, currently working on multiple window/widget styles or themes to provide choice and pave the way for custom themes after some time of having messed up the code base and having to revert to an older revision and reapply changes to get the code to compile. I also hired someone to work on the custom multilingual programming language (OOP Code) to help me progress things along a little. Apart from tackling a tricky memory leak to do with texture loading for the maps and in general, that’s it for now.

August 12th – Map prototype

I’ve made some progress with the map prototype, lots of huge image files from NASA have been split and resized to make this happen. It allows zooming in really far and the detail is great.

I’m also slowly shuffling around the UI, I think I’m going to go with one task bar at the bottom of the screen, which contains a main menu button, sound controls (small icons like in the bottom right of windows) and tasks that are running which can be minimized and maximized or focused from the task bar.